Dj Rhettmatic of the World Famous Beat Junkies has been DJing for well over 25+ years.  He's done it all: a World Champion Battle DJ, mixing on commercial radio, performing with musicians & DJing in nightclubs around the world. As a member of The Visionaries, Crown Royale and the Cypress Junkies, he has DJ'ed & Produced for recording artists, creating backdrops for such artists from Aloe Blacc to Ras Kass on well over 50 releases.  Rhettmatic continues to be one of the most respected Dj's in the world... and still finds time to train every day. 


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Defer is an artist born and raised in Los Angeles. He started doing graffiti in the mid 1980’s Defer is also known as one of the original members of the legendary LA crew K2S (Kill 2 Succeed), which is known for originating a unique style indigenous to LA, which is a hybrid of both traditional east coast lettering mixed with traditional LA "Placasos" (neighborhood calligraphy). His style is an obliteration of the letter form - in which he terms “Spiritual Language” a volley of automatic brush strokes - lead by his innermost being. Defer is known for both his paintings and installations that have been in both museums and galleries throughout the world. He also has an extensive history of murals throughout the streets of Los Angeles and other venues in the U.S. and in 2017 painted the first mural in the medieval city of York, U.K. He also helped organize and curate a monumental show “Scratch” which was held at ESMA (El Segundo Museum of Art) and was supported by the Getty Museum. Most recently he completed a totally immersive installation at LA Louver Gallery in Venice, CA. Today, Defer lives and works In Los Angeles, and still finds time in his week to train jiu jitsu


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ARTtitude is a unique ecosystem in Europe composed of a publishing house, a collective of 50 international artists, an agency and the official Paris Games Week art gallery. 
The brand quickly established itself as a reference in the field of modern graphic arts thanks to its collection of art books. Since 2011 more than 25 books have been produced and released by various publishers, both in France and the United States. At the same time, the collective mainly works with video game publishers throughout Europe. 
ARTtitude has been created by Frederic Claquin, former publisher of the only french issue of Gracie Magazine, FightSport Magazine business development director and Thrasher Magazine France publisher. He's also the co-founder of Casa de Lapel Jiu Jitsu club, Paris, Frederic trains under Paulo Sergio Santos, black belt 6th-degree founder of PS Phoenix. 
Frederic will attend Shoyoroll Clash with limited and exclusive posters, only available during the event


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Yome is a member of ARTtitude collective since 2014. Born in the late 70' in Paris suburbs, grandson of Jacques Bracquemond, a famous calligrapher and confirmed artist who taught him the basics of drawing and calligraphy from an early age. During his adolescence, he discovered hip-hop, dance, and graffiti. From 1994 to 1998 he trained and learned under several names. In 1998 Yome met Dize, a famous French graffiti artist and founder of VMD crew where his career began. He traveled around Europe, meeting various artists, like Aroe, sharing walls and creating. 10 years later, he became a full member of VMD crew. His style, mostly influenced by classic American street culture and traditional Japanese culture, brought him to tattoo culture. He opened his own studio in Paris: the RavenInk Tattoo Club, in the famous and chic 8th district. Currently spending most of his time tattooing, managing his roster of tattoo artists and traveling to conventions, he still spares time to put on the gi. 
If you would like to book Yome for a tattoo during Shoyoroll Clash, contact him via Instagram.


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Aroe is a graffiti artist and member of ARTitude who started in 1983. Graffiti is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to him but he can't imagine his life without it. it was the answer to his attention problems, everything he did seemed too slow until he found a can. His ideas could happen at the speed of thought and he began to find an identity that made sense to him. initially, he enjoyed the damage and vandalism aspect of graffiti, then over time began to make his work more visual and pleasing. Aroe feels graffiti is one of the last true acts of rebellion and gives a voice to those in environments where they often don't. Graffiti is about taking parts of everything and reinventing it or twisting it and displaying the subject/topic in a new way. He takes an image or something with familiarity and warps it to recreate it as he pleases. This has been apparent with how his work appears on canvas and although it's still very much graffiti in appearance, the messages are often far more in-depth.



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Unite first started playing gigs with Tribe of Kings as early as 1997, and has never looked back. Unite has toured with a myriad of artists, including Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg, Stephen Marley, Slightly Stoopid and reggae legends Sly & Robbie and The Taxi Gang.

Over the years, Unite has collected a quiver full of exclusive remixes he’s made which cover his favorite genres from Reggae, through Hip-Hop, and into Cumbia.

His other works include a Hip-Hop project with First Power Crew. His latest Hip-Hop project is with Chicago MC Ready, which combines both Hip-Hop and Black Sabbath.

Unite currently works at Penguin Studios in San Diego, recording everything from Punk Rock to Reggae, as well as producing his own music.


Instagram: @djunite


DJ Judah Roger is a member of blues party sound (one of the oldest French Soundsystem crews), he plays a large range of music, from reggae-dancehall and hip hop to soul, funk, afro, latin or Brazilian. He also plays his collection of dubplates (one of kind exclusive remixes). With more than 20 years of musical experience from around the world (USA, Africa, Caribbean, Israel, Europe and every week somewhere in France) to mash up the dancefloor for your listening pleasure. Always on point when it comes to making you move.


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Bert "profile" Custodio has been in the music game for many years, he cut his chops in some of San Diego's best clubs in the early 90s then made the step up from DJ to releasing a slew of well-received records with his now defunct group "The Sound Providers" who were signed to indie heavyweight ABB Records (Dilated Peoples, Little Brother) Just to name a few. As a solo artist, he has worked with Pete Rock, Ge-Ology, Kev Brown, Grap Luva, Dynamo Productions, Geoff Barrows of Portishead and many more.

He continues to travel and hold down residencies at some of San Diego's most desired spots, as well as LA and Hawaii. A jack of all trades who can play anything and still keep it funky without sacrificing the culture or craft.


Instagram: @profile784


Lewis "Victor vector" Ahmet is a UK DJ and turntablist with years of experience under his belt.
With his roots in old school hip hop, Victor vector has supported several high profile artists including; Ugly Duckling, People Under The Stairs, DJ Yoda, Scratch Perverts, The Cuban Brothers and DJ Format just to name a few.
Currently, he plays the role of scratch DJ for The Gaslight Troubadours and often DJ's for Professor Elemental.
Having played at various festivals, residencies and concerts Victor Vector knows how to keep the party flowing.


Instagram: @victor._.vector


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